by Melissa Woodsen Balance Interactive, CMS

When I first learned to use Drupal as a content management system, I thought I was never going to get it. While is a great technical resource, it can be pretty intimidating when you’re a new Drupal user looking to learn the basics. To help navigate your new CMS, take a look at this quick Drupal glossary. It covers a few common terms so that any new user can learn the system without being bogged down in technical jargon.

by Lillie Obioha Balance Interactive, Design

A lot of people love reading quotes because they are words of wisdom condensed into a few words or sentences. Recently, I have been reading some great quotes for inspiration that keeps me up and going. These quotes are motivating, enlightening and beneficial to the work I do at Balance Interactive. Enjoy!

by Kizaan Knapp Balance Interactive, Tips and Tricks

Throughout 2015, we want to give you all the opportunity to get to know the Balance Interactive team, our clients, and partners a little better. To that end, we are introducing a monthly feature called “Finding Balance: A broader view with…” and will have either a Balance employee, client or partner featured "snapshot" of who they are and what inspires them. 

by Melissa Woodsen Associations, Usability, User Experience

Web innovation is often measured in bells and whistles—what cool features can we build and how can they out-do our competitors? But does that translate to the best user experience? If there’s not a useful product or information behind that feature, what’s the point? 

by Jeannette Modic Associations, Social Media, Tips and Tricks

It is pretty standard to have social media sharing tools on your website, but did you know that many of those tools come with tracking so you can actually see what content is being shared on each social channel?

Our favorite tool to embed for our clients is ShareThis, and they have a brand new Analytics Dashboard in beta right now, that we are very excited about!

From this Analytics Dashboard you can get a quick glimpse of how many shares you have gotten, and how many click-throughs and what is the most popular social channel for you.