by Asea Ginsburg Balance Interactive, CMS, Content Management, Tips and Tricks, Wordpress

This post is a follow up on the article Toni Ellison wrote in December, “Get a Simple Website Using a Blog.”

When you think of a blog or a WordPress site, it is usually a small to medium-size website with copy, text, images, and videos sprinkled here and there. But what about a site packed with video?

by Tracy Betts Balance Interactive

Tracy Betts and Jill Kurtz accept the Top Hat Service Award presented by Eric Williams.Balance is honored to be this year's recipient of the Arthur E. Morrissette Top Hat Service Award. This award recognizes us for superior service to clients and for contributions to the Greater Springfield community.

by Toni Ellison Balance Interactive, CMS, Content Management, Design, Tips and Tricks, Web Development, Wordpress

I have been in the web programming industry for over 10 years, so I get a lot of friends eager to get some free advice on how to create a (free) website for their small business. These people are not very technical, and they are mainly interested in showcasing their work (i.e. photography, cupcakes) to drum up more business.

by Carrie Hane Dennison Content Strategy, SEO, Web Content

When I recently saw Larry Brooks’ Copyblogger post Why Content is No Longer King, I was prepared for a fight. What could possible overthrow content as the most important thing on the Internet? Intrigued, I read on to find that he had named context as the new king. And it made sense.

by Jill Kurtz Social Media

I recently had the pleasure to present at the CHESPRA fall conference. My keynote, “Getting Started: Listening & Developing Your Social Media Policy (PDF),” was aimed at helping school public relations professionals to successfully enter the social media space.

I offered school communicators the same advice I offer to all our clients – the key to being effective in social media is to begin by listening. Listening means taking time to learn about what is being said. Some things you learn by listening: