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When sitting down to map out a website the discussion at some point will turn to photos.  How many?  What type of photos do we want?  All valid questions. A photo can enhance your website's message.  A photo can tell a thousand stories, often better than words.  

by Krystee Dryer CMS, DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress

There is a lot of buzz going around the web around Open source content management cystems (CMS) with the White House launching their new Drupal site and several other government agencies (NASA’s APPELFederal Labor Relations Authority) using open source CMS’s. Open source solutions can be a great tool for developing an amazing website. Best of all it is all free to download and use.

by Kim Taylor Content Strategy, Online Marketing, Social Media, Tips and Tricks, Web Strategy

Among some smaller business communities, and some not so small, there is still a certain level of discomfort in seeing Facebook and Twitter as a legitimate way to promote your business, hire employees and stay in touch with customers. It has long been asked, "How do you measure results?" The Salt Lake Tribune reports restaurateur Kalani Mack and brother Kimo of Utah were able to measure results by opening a second restaurant, in Salt Lake City, a year ahead of schedule.

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Working with a web development firm like Balance Interactive can be a cost-effective way to extend your organization’s resources. Engaging that firm as a full partner, rather than just project help can bring new levels of effectiveness to your organization. You know your business – the latest developments, the needs and pain points of your membership and what’s on the horizon. Web developers know the same about web-based technologies. Marry these together and you are in a solid position to leverage the web to catapult your organization to higher levels.

by Carrie Hane Dennison Information Architecture, Usability, User Experience, Web Content

Every year on October 5, personal property taxes are due where I live. My county collects these taxes, and it allows citizens to pay online. So on October 4 I went to the county website to pay my taxes. I thought I’d find a big button that said something like “pay your personal property tax.” Instead this is what I found on the page my bill directed me to:

Depart of Tax Administration page - October 4, 2009