by JoMarie Hoholik Balance Interactive, Non-Profits

Atlanta is the host city for the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in April 2010. Thousands of non-profits and non-profit technology professionals will gather to share ideas, successes and inspiration. This year, Balance has teamed up with Northridge Interactive and RedEngine Digital to propose some sessions at the conference. We need your vote by October 16, 2009, to help get our session sessions on the agenda!

by Toni Ellison Content Management, Information Architecture, SEO, Usability, Web Development

While working on a client site, one of our project managers asked me if a problem could be fixed with a site redesign. I responded, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Please sell them a Drupal site!” As a web developer I have been frustrated with this site in the technical sense. Page elements are hard to find, the main navigation text is made of images and thus hard to modify, and the site looks dated. I am certain that the client is equally frustrated, but their frustrations are sure to differ from mine.

by Tracy Betts Balance Interactive, Project Management

The new and improved Balance Interactive website launched this week.  We approached the redesign of our own website in a way that certainly deserves reflection: I played the role of client and our team took me through our full website redesign process. I wanted to put myself in the shoes of our clients and looked at Balance Interactive with a critical eye.  This process included a content strategy, social media strategy, website strategy, design and content management system.

Here is what I learned from being a Balance Interactive client:

by JoMarie Hoholik Information Architecture, Web Content

That has been the question recently in our office and with clients. As our clients go through website redesign projects, an important question they face is what to do with the content they have now. In general, some of that content will be transferred to the new site, some will be merged, rewritten and then transferred to the new site, and old and outdated content will not be kept and will not be moved to the new site.

by Asea Ginsburg Drupal, Information Architecture, Usability, User Experience

Naming convention, structure and design are all important aspects to consider when coming up with a navigation solution that fits your company needs. With poorly designed navigation a site loses its organization and without organization, a site might lose its visitors. With today’s trends in design and web development, there are many ways to integrate a navigation system that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly easy to use.