by Krystee Dryer Web Content, Web Development, Web Strategy

There is a lot of information about the benefits of an intranet for your organization. You will quickly find with a couple of basic web searches that an intranet can serve many different purposes: communication, organization, or access. However, all of these purposes sum up to one large issue: TIME.

by Toni Ellison Web Development

Every organization that has a website should carefully consider the decision of whether to host its own web server(s) (internal hosting) or to contract with a web hosting service (external hosting). Just because you have someone on staff who knows HTML doesn't mean they are qualified to take care of your hosting needs. If you are thinking of putting your website on that old server that's been sitting and collecting dust in the storage room, consider the needs of a healthy website.

by Carrie Hane Dennison Content Strategy, Web Content, Web Strategy

If you are a Balance Interactive client, you know that one of the first things on the project plan is a content audit or inventory. And one of the last things is content transfer. In between is the overall strategy phase, design and development. You might wonder, Why do I have to start thinking about content so early? Let me explain.

by Tracy Betts Balance Interactive

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Fast Company  cofounder, Alan M. Webber speak at a Greater Washington Board of Trade event about his new book Rules of Thumb. 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self. The book is divided up into "Rules" based on Webber's experiences. (On a side note, the blog promoting the book is a model that other authors should pay attention to.)

by JoMarie Hoholik Associations, Non-Profits

Is “profit” really a dirty word for non-profits? After having spent nearly a dozen years working for non-profits, and another few serving non-profits from the vendor side of things, I think that when it comes to fundraising and social outreach it’s extremely important to investigate what sort of “profit” you’re looking for, and be able to measure your ROI (return on investment).