by Krystee Dryer Opinions/Reviews, Tips and Tricks

You are ready to start your web site creation or redesign process. During this process, you have been able to identify that you have outgrown your current host, your new platform has specific requirement that your current host cannot support, or you have been unhappy with the service level that your current host is providing. It is time to choose a new host. There are so many available options out there that it can be confusing and daunting to narrow them down to make that final selection.

by Asea Ginsburg Drupal, Joomla, Opinions/Reviews

Recently I have been asked a lot about which CMS is better: Drupal or Joomla. Below are some of the core strengths and weaknesses of each CMS.



by Carrie Hane Dennison Design, Information Architecture, Web Content, Web Strategy

We here at Balance Interactive have found that house building is a good analogy for how websites are built. No one will go to a home builder and say “I want a house built and I want to move in to it, fully furnished, in 4 weeks.” Yet, in 2009 we still get website requests like this. So here I am to explain why building a website is like building a house, with the hope that more people will understand what we do and why it takes awhile.

by Toni Ellison Tips and Tricks

If your company is like most, there is employee turnover. Usually that is not a big deal because there is always someone else to pick up the slack and hiring new employees is not difficult. What happens when your employee leaves and takes your domain name with them?

I recently had this experience with a client. We decided to move the client to a new hosting provider, so we needed to point their domain name to the new IP address. No problem, right? Wrong!

by Carrie Hane Dennison Content Strategy, Web Content, Web Strategy

I think it’s finally starting to sink in! Businesses and individuals are realizing (albeit slowly) that to have a valuable website they need good content, written for the web and for the visitors. What can you do if you are not a web content expert but want to have good content on your site? Here is a starting point. Follow these guidelines and visit the references and you’ll be on your way to having a website people want to return to for their needs.