WEBINAR: Supporting the customer experience: Technology beyond data silos

Thursday, July 30, 2015 -
12:00 pm to 12:45 pm

The ability to maintain a conversation that is both context aware and relevant, across multiple touch points, is becoming increasingly difficult. Disjointed processes and systems present a significant barrier to direct engagement in a way that makes your customers feel unique and listened to. 

Eliminating the barriers that have traditionally kept organizations from addressing broader initiatives relating to customer experience management has become a business imperative. Organizations must adopt an “outside-in” view of the world and understand that the customer experience goes across – not down – into individual silos. 


Join us for part II of our customer experience webinar series to learn about: 

  • Technologies you can leverage to deliver better self-service and web experiences 
  • Best practices for integrating customer channels and touchpoints 
  • How leading companies are innovating customer experience to reduce costs, increase customer retention and increase sales 

The ever-increasing growth of customer touch points across channels, devices and social networks is a major challenge brands face today, but also creates an outstanding opportunity to transform the customer experience. Brands that can become adept at engaging their customers and building relationships across all touch points throughout each customer’s journey will be the ones that succeed in the future.