You and Your Agency: 5 tips to stop dating and put a ring on it!

You and Your Agency: 5 tips to stop dating and put a ring on it!

  1. Share what makes you feel vulnerable in the beginning
    No, you don’t need to share all your deep dark secrets, but things that make you feel a little vulnerable are usually the things that digital marketing firms need to help you reach success. Your agency should drive digital strategies based on corporate goals, objectives and bottom-line financials. Crafting campaigns around these business variables sets the engagement on the right track. Is your agency asking these fundamental business questions during the kickoff period? If not, consider if your agency is the strategic partner you thought them to be.
  2. Set expectations and discuss deal-breakers
    Your agency should make sure you’re up-to-date in terms of having the right digital products and processes and staying abreast of marketing best practices and digital trends. Be clear about what you expect from your digital partner. People often have this idea that digital marketing is like magic and can make you millions in minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, so take the time to understand how it does work. Having a strategic digital agency that actually listens to you, rolls up the sleeves on digital know-how, and gives you the online strategy deserving of accolades and “kick-ass” can mean the difference between generating serious revenue opportunities and losing out big-time.
  3. Don’t be afraid to have a personal relationship
    What some people forget is that digital marketing firms are companies with people, just like you! We have lives and families, and enjoy sporting events and good food. Don’t be afraid to have fun and joke about whose team is beating who, what awesome vacation you might have planned or stories about your crazy in-laws. The more we know about you, the more likely we are to celebrate the small wins in life, and not just in work.
  4. Be willing to learn
    Relationships, both personal and professional, are about finding a balance. No one can ALWAYS be right, despite how much we feel like it can be one-sided. Sometimes we learn best by making mistakes and discovering what not to do next time. Be willing to take chances on new and innovative ideas. A great agency helps you design and deliver an effective content marketing strategy across all digital channels complete with segmented audience targeting and purchase funnel messaging.
  5. Don’t take the easy way out
    You should never wake up in a sweat at 2:00 a.m. and wonder whether or not your agency is really on your side. Be sure to let your agency know what’s on your mind so they can brainstorm ideas on how to help, even if you need some fresh air in the meantime. That way when you return, you’ll come back to a variety of potential solutions, instead of a frazzled partner.

VIDEO: You and your agency - 5 Tips to stop dating and put a ring on it 

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