It's a Wrap: Drupal Wins Gold in Rio

It's a Wrap: Drupal Wins Gold in Rio

Every 2 years, the world gathers & watches the best of the best of the best compete. Millions of viewers watched on TV, and many more watched the coverage online. And Drupal was right there to make sure everything was served properly, and all went smoothly.

Over the course of the Olympic games, the Drupal-powered site served over one billion minutes of sports coverage. That is a staggering amount of data served: that's over 1,900 years of sports coverage.

This site really showcases the flexibility and endless possibilities of Drupal, which is why we love building web experiences with it. An event like the Olympics warrants a unique approach. With so many different events being streamed in various venues and stadiums, it was important that the platform powering the site was flexible enough for the designers to craft a custom interface for fans seeking each particular sport.

Sure the games are over, but it's never too late to appreciate a well built & designed website: NBC Olympics.

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