AMP Up Your Site: The 3 Things You Need To Know

AMP Up Your Site: The 3 Things You Need To Know

It’s official: Responsive design is old news and in the world of web design, there’s always something new out there that’s going to add a couple of wrinkles of pain to your life. 

Enter Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Platform) technology… Here are the 3 things you need to know about AMP

1) What is it?

It’s a Google-supported framework for fast-loading mobile websites. Basically, the company is pushing for a very specific set of best practices in your HTML and Javascript that define the way your pages are designed, coded, organized, and optimized. In a recently published post, Google wants to make sure you understand that this has no effect on how your rank: “To clarify, this is not a ranking change for sites. As a result of the growth of AMP beyond publishers, we wanted to make it easier for people to access this faster experience”.

2) What does AMP mean for SEO?

AMP is not directly a search engine ranking factor, and sites that adopt AMP won't "get a massive boost in search ranking," according to Richard Gingras, senior director of news and social products at Google. However, "speed matters" in search engine ranking, if an AMP-supported site gets more clicks and fewer bounces because it's faster to load, Google might determine it’s more valuable to users. Thus, it’s certainly possible that side would tend to get higher placement in future search results.

3) Can I install AMP easily?

NO. HTML code and programming are involved in AMP initiatives, so a professional MUST be involved. Your IT team/person and a developer will need to work together. For example, depending on the chosen configuration, a server admin may need to set up additional sub-domains or install secure certificates.

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