Style guide on steroids why your organization needs a pattern library

Style guide on steroids why your organization needs a pattern library

After handing over the keys to a new website one of the biggest maintenance concerns we hear are organizations having trouble maintaining a consistent branding with multiple editors editing website content. Organizations also have multiple web properties that need to keep the same look and feel as their main website. By investing in a pattern library for your organization you create one central location for contributors to go where they can pull already approved designs and code snippets to achieve a consistent look and feel for the product they are working on. When new patterns are needed they can be easily added to the library so you can reuse it in the future.

Here at Balance we can help determine the organization and architecture of the pattern library for you, and build it in a way that makes it easy to apply these patterns in your CMS. We feel like the best way to maintain a consistent brand identity throughput your organizations different web properties is to make it as easy as possible to find the styles and apply them, and we really feel like a pattern library is a valuable tool for any organization.

To see a Pattern Library in action, check out the resources we have put together below: 

Contact us today for a free workshop to learn how a pattern library can work for you!

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